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Welcome to the online home of the Footlite Musicals Production Manual, a guide for producing shows at Footlite.

This manual has been prepared by the Board of Directors of Footlite Musicals and represents relevant policies and procedures of this theatre with respect to producing shows. It is intended to serve as a guide to all members of the production staff, especially those who have global responsibility for the production and the facility.

If there are areas of this manual that are unclear or provide insufficient guidance, each page has a Discussion tab at the top where you can leave comments for review. We intend to update this document frequently with any new, relevant information.

If you disagree with a policy, procedure or rule, you are NOT authorized to ignore it and go your own way. Rather, you are encouraged to address your concern with the Board member who is designated as the Board Liaison for your show, or with the full Board at one of its regularly scheduled meetings.

Every producer and director is required to read the entire production manual before beginning your production. The board liaison will ask you to sign a document indicating you've done so.

The Board of Directors thanks you for giving your time and expertise to a Footlite production. We wish you great success with your show!

Useful Links

Resources relevant to your production are available on Footlite's Dropbox account at http://bit.ly/ZTvlUF. Visit this link any time this document references Dropbox.

Footlite's Master Calendar is available at http://mastercalendar.footlite.org.

Theatre and Organizational Overview

Production Responsibilities

Staff Positions and Responsibilities

Non-Production Activities